Meet the team and your Accountant.
Magnus Bilke
Managing Director

Magnus has successfully worked over 10 years in tax consultancies and over 9 years in leading positions in Startups and has a (pragmatic) solution, for every accounting problem and knows what needs to be delivered to stakeholders.

He also has the best insights on how authorities and government institutions work and is able to spot even the smallest (wrong) decimal place.

Languages: German, English
Elizabeth Gerhard
International Accountant

Talented accounting and finance professional with over 15 years solid background utilizing multiple software tools and forecasting models to assist in improving organizational decision-making capabilities which result in increased production and profitability.

Elizabeth has strong analytical skills and an in-depth understanding of financial procedures. A skilled communicator who is able to build strong working relationships with both colleagues and clients alike.

Languages: German, English
Claudia Jankowiak
Senior Consultant

After gaining insight into both sides of taxation - financial administration during her studies and 5 years in different tax offices - Claudia expanded her experience in a start-up company. She quickly finds her way in new situations and is always ready to expand her horizons.

Thanks to her good communication skills she (almost) always finds the best solution for her clients.

Languages: German, English, Spanish
Piotr Pepera
Head of Accounting

Over 9 years of work in the international tax offices as well as start-up companies, Piotr gathered experience in not only how the taxation law works but also how to translate management expectations into the accounting reality. In his current company he successfully reorganized accounting while building new processes and establishing team from the scratch. He enjoys the ongoing challenges and is always eager to learn (from skills and organization to new colleagues). Solution oriented with great attach to the details.

Languages: German, English, Polish
Eirini Kentri

A financial accountant with experience in account receivables and payables working for over 5 years for startups, Eirini has the experience to face problems between accounting programs and the real bookkeeping.

Her experience on Account Receivables can give her the confidence to face complicated problems with accuracy and giving an deeper emphasize to details. She likes learning everytime something new on the job

Languages: German, English, Greek, Spanish
Kayla Stadler
Junior Finance Consultant

Kayla has 3 years of accounting experience at a Berlin start-up. There she gained knowledge not only about finance regulations and invoice obligations in Germany and other European countries, but also in the USA. In a fast-growing company, she met the demands for frequent change and quick adaptation.

She also acquired the necessary skills to conduct accounts payable tasks in situations unique to start-ups for multiple German entities

Languages: German, English
Svetlana Zhak
Senior Consultant

Svetlana has excellent and very in-depth specialist knowledge in Accounting, even in peripheral areas.

She expanded her experience in a start-up company. She is always ready to expand her horizons. and quickly finds her way in new situations and tries to find the optimal way for all clients.

Languages: German, English, Russian
Vaishnavi Krishnamurthy
Senior Associate

Professional experience of over 5 years in general ledger accounting and bookkeeping.

Skilled in payables management, has flair for numbers and accounting procedures. Ability deadlines and demands.

Languages: English, German