DONE!FINANCIALS is more than only taking care of your finance matters. However, of course our main focus is all about accounting, payroll, crisis management and controlling. But of course, we provide the moral support, too.
Accounting support
  • Preparatory accounting (invoice collection and allocation)
  • Organisation and structuring of invoice collection, contracts and office-digitalisation
  • Execution of approval processes
  • Management of payment transactions
  • Training of employees
  • Implementation Remote Accounting
Monthly or Yearly Accounting
  • Accrual of all income and expenses
  • Posting depreciation and reconciliation of fixed assets with financial accounting
  • Assessment of stocks and determination of the consumption of goods
  • Balance reconciliation of internal group accounts
  • Determination and booking of interest expenses for loans
  • Adjustment of provisions
  • Determination of the tax burden
  • Preparation of the interim financial statements according to cost centers
  • Creation of your reporting package
  • Target / actual comparison and commenting on the deviations - you will be quickly informed about unusual events during the reporting period. This can be e.g. newly purchased cars or bonuses paid to employees
Management Mentoring
  • Sparringpartner for CEO & management team
  • Uncovering “blind spots”
  • Support during financing rounds and exit-planning
  • Investor relations
  • Network access to experts in other areas
IFRS + International Accounting
  • Transition to IFRS
  • Accrual of all income and expenses
  • Posting depreciation and reconciliation of fixed assets with international financial accounting
  • Balance reconciliation of group accounts
  • Provision
  • Secure and legally compliant processing of your payroll
  • Many years of experience in payroll outsourcing
  • Personal contact for you and your employees
  • High degree of standardization through industry templates
  • More efficient organization of personnel work and processes
  • Benefits implementation
Crisis Management
  • Insolvency status
  • Further information about how to avoid insolvency
Finance and controlling structuring
  • Business case modelling
  • Payment solutions
  • Receivables management
  • Accounting
  • Controlling & reporting
  • Process automization & digitization
  • Subsidy documentation
  • Consolidation + Reporting
You want to know it all? You´lle get it all! Every 2nd weekend (Saturdays)we offer a 30 Minutes virtual consultation - you can ask any finance relevant topic.

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